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Water Cooled Charge Air Coolers

Water Cooled Charge Air Coolers

Custom designed in round shell and tube, or square engine and remote mounted fin designs, our high performance water cooled charge air coolers utilize extended surface cooling fins in either aluminium, copper, or stainless steel to ensure greater thermal effectiveness and durability. This means our customers receive superior performance at a practical price. For over 100 years, our heat exchangers have been trusted among equipment manufacturers in the transportation, power generation, construction, military and process industries. 

Performance notes.

  • High thermal efficiency of copper fin design enables us to supply a reduced overall package size for advanced performance in all conditions and environments
  • Design and material flexibility 
  • High performance: compact and cost-effective
  • Custom designed to suit individual application and performance requirements



Single Shot Expansion or Manual/Multi Blow Expansion for tube to fin bond

Maximum Length:

Single shot expansion: up to 2 meters

Manual/Multi Blow Expansion: 53.1 in (1350 mm)





Plain, Dimpled, or Winglet

Copper, Aluminum, Epoxy Coated Aluminum, or Stainless Steel 

Serck performance fins







Copper Nickel 90/10 or 70/30, Stainless Steel

Design Codes:

If required, designed to CE/Ped category I, II or III, ASME VIII Div. 1