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Recognized as the premier component and system manufacturer, API Heat Transfer supports the world’s leading electric power generation market OEs and genset packagers who use our products.

We support our electric power generation customers through direct factory and commissioned representative market channels. Our sales representatives have technical expertise, can suggest complementary product lines, and offer local customer support.

Typical applications

  • Engine cooling for portable and stationary gensets, including:
    • Standby power
    • Peak shaving
    • Prime power
    • High and low ambient conditions
    • High elevations
    • Low noise environments
    • Power module installations
    • Sound attenuated enclosures
  • Lube oil cooling for gas turbine, steam turbine, and wind turbine applications
  • Gland steam condensing
  • Process heating and cooling

Featured products

  • Air cooled heat exchangers for air-to-liquid engine cooling applications:
    • Engine cooling systems
    • Cooling modules
    • Aluminum radiators
    • Copper brass radiators
    • Charge air coolers
    • Turnkey radiators
    • Remote cooling kits
    • Oil coolers
    • Fuel coolers
  • Liquid cooled heat exchangers for liquid-to-liquid cooling applications:
    • Basco gland steam condenser
    • Basco Type 500
    • Basco Type ES500
    • Basco Type OP
    • Basco Type OP twin-stacked
    • Basco Whitlock Type HT U-Tube
    • Schmidt-Bretten SIGMA gasketed plate heat exchangers