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Automotive plants.

Our SIGMA plate heat exchangers are used worldwide in the automotive industry for numerous aspects of vehicle and equipment production.

In deformation and bending machines for plate and plastic processing, as well as in presses for the manufacture of car body parts, the hydraulic oils that are used must be cooled with water. To maximize the mechanical load-carrying capacity, certain construction parts must be thermally processed and hardened using oils. These quenching oils must be cooled, and the temperature level within the quenching baths must be maintained at as constant a level as possible.

Numerous processing machines have cooling circuits which perform cooling tasks in decentralized form, directly on the machine, or by using common supply reservoirs through the integration of SIGMA plate heat exchangers.

Typical applications

  • Cooling of hydraulic and quenching oil
  • Cooling of machine coolants
  • Tempering from surface treatment baths
  • Motor test stands

Featured products

  • SIGMA gasketed plate heat exchangers
  • SIGMATWIN double-wall plate heat exchangers
  • SIGMADUAL semi-welded plate heat exchangers
  • SIGMAWIG all-welded plate heat exchangers