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Our heat transfer solutions have long played a role in pasteurization. In fact, our Schmidt brand pioneered the use of plate heat exchangers for achieving greater stability in milk. Today, our plate heat exchangers and thermal systems are used for a whole series of heating, cooling, and heat exchange procedures in the dairy industry, including the processing of liquids and creams.

Typical applications

  • Cooling, heating, and pasteurizing of milk, yogurt, desserts, cream, and ice cream mix
  • Cooling, heating, and pasteurizing of cheese, whey, pudding, butter milk, kefir, and sour milk
  • Super-heating of cream
  • Cooling of brine
  • Hot water boiler
  • CIP heater

Featured products

  • SIGMA gasketed plate heat exchangers
  • SIGMATWIN double wall plate heat exchangers
  • SIGMATHERM pasteurization systems