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Shell and tube heat exchangers have long played a role in petrochemical applications. Gasketed and fully welded plate heat exchangers have become increasingly important within the industry as well.

API Heat Transfer offers both shell and tube and plate technologies to our customers in the petrochemical industry.

When performance under extreme pressure and temperature conditions is critical, our specialized shell and tube heat exchangers are ideal. In fact, our shell and tube heat exchangers are regularly used in the most varied offshore and onshore plants.

Our plate heat exchangers – with their high pressure and temperature capabilities, unique materials, and special sealing qualities – are ideal for heat recovery tasks or the condensation of solvents.

No matter your application, we can select the right solution that’s efficient in cost, space, and emission requirements.

Typical applications

  • Condensation of solvents and multiple-material mixtures
  • Cooling/heating of reactors and production containers
  • Cooling and heating of intermediate products
  • Cooling of hydrocarbons
  • Cooling of water circuits
  • Benzene/benzene heat recovery
  • Heat recovery within petrochemical processes

Featured products

  • Basco custom shell and tube heat exchangers
  • Basco Hairpin shell and tube heat exchangers
  • SIGMA gasketed plate heat exchangers
  • SIGMADUAL semi-welded plate heat exchangers
  • SIGMAWIG welded plate heat exchangers
  • SIGMASHELL plate and shell heat exchangers