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Pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, and cosmetics.

The successful production of pharmaceuticals and cosmetics is tied to the purity of the intermediate and final products used during manufacturing. We understand the need for the highest level of operational safety and security of all components at a manufacturing plant.

Our SIGMA plates with special surfaces are used to avoid precipitation in the flow space. Also PTFE-enveloped elastomeric gaskets demonstrate a high chemical resistance against a wide variety of solvents and chemicals. The construction of the frames and the processing of the materials used satisfy the highest-quality standards.

Typical applications

  • Thermal processing of infusion solutions
  • Cooling of suspensions
  • Cooling of tensides
  • Cooling and heating of water for injection (WFI) and high-purity water
  • Cooling of donor blood and plasma
  • Condensation of solvents from production boilers
  • Cooling and heating tasks with heat-transfer oils for batch and mix containers
  • Thermal processing of ethereal oils
  • Cooling and heating tasks for shampoos, shower gels, softeners, and liquid detergents
  • Consistent system separation of media in special safety heat exchangers
  • Evaporation systems for traditional Chinese medicine, medical herb extracts, tea, coffee, and a variety of extracts
  • Evaporation of water and water solutions and alcohols
  • Concentration of alcoholic solutions and fats and oils 

Featured products

  • SIGMA gasketed plate heat exchangers
  • SIGMACOAT gasketed plate heat exchangers
  • SIGMASTAR evaporation systems
  • SIGMAVAP evaporation systems