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Sugars and starches.

Sugars and starches are integral to the preparation of countless food items, including cookies, chocolate bars, confectionery, sauces, soft drinks, ice cream, fruit syrups, jams, baked goods, yogurt, and baby food. Our SIGMA plate heat exchangers, SIGMATHERM plate pasteurizers, and SIGMASTAR and SIGMAVAP plate evaporators continue to play a vital role in this important aspect of the food industry.

Typical applications

Sugar industry

  • Heating, concentration, and cooling of sugar juice and sugar derivatives
  • Pre-heating and pasteurizing of diluted juices
  • Heating and cooling of syrup and molasses
  • Heat recovery of molasses and mash
  • Multistage concentration systems for cane and beet sugar, invert sugar, and palatinite (a sugar substitute for diabetics)
  • Multistage concentration systems for oligo-fruit sugars and insulin solutions

Starch industry

  • Heating and cooling of starch solutions
  • Heating and cooling of corn spring water and wheat starch – wastewater
  • Super-heating of saccharified starch solutions for the inactivation of enzymes
  • Multistage vaporizing systems for glucose, dextrose, maltose, and sorbitol
  • High concentration of fructose, starch, washing, and cooking waters for potatoes, rice, and wheat
  • Pre-cooling and deep-cooling of syrups and concentrates
  • Condensation of flash steam

Featured products

  • SIGMA gasketed plate heat exchangers
  • SIGMATWIN double wall plate heat exchangers
  • SIGMATHERM pasteurization systems
  • SIGMASTAR evaporation systems
  • SIGMAVAP evaporation systems